GSC Meeting Minutes – December 12th, 2013

Cool book: “The Costume Maker’s Art” isbn 0-937274-70-4

Charter meeting on Yahoo group, Krista & Sarah need to know about the forms and the rep for ICG.

Put up website for ICG, and Square account to take monies.

Need a bank account to connect to the square account.  Want to be able to take payments online.

What Tax ID do we need to qualify for 501 c3? (education based, non-profit, maybe 504?)  Would like the account opened in January.  Send email to Phil, keep in touch with Anya.  See what Idaho Taxes might be due for prizes, raffles, etc.  Tax exempt info passed to Anya, she will research banks.  Possible banks include Wells Fargo, ICCU, Icon Credit Union, Capital Ed.

Reno, Nevada is getting a Comic Con – Tangl will keep everyone updated.

Carpools need to be organized for Wasabi around Feb 18th in Denver.

Suggestion for fundraiser: Death by Cosplay book.  If you have anything that didn’t work out how you wanted it to, they wanna see it.  Pictures!!  Costume Mark I versions are good, too!  Thrift Store/Closet cosplays that didn’t work.  Deadline in January.  Wanted them at least 5×8 to 6×9 to 8×11.

Fandemonium Meeting: Presented as a partnership, not for or because of, Fand has final say.  Fand is super excited about us providing prizes.  Need some back and forth on solidifying the how to.  Concerns were voice about offending contestants with critiques, talking about an appeals process for the decision.

Judges have about 4 minutes/person.  Each judge has an assistant who writes everything down.  We are ONLY for costume/craftsmanship.  Cosplay Contest performance is completely different and NOT run by us.  50 people max, first come, first served.  Literally we only have a very limited amount of time.  Judging – 4 min to judge, 1 min to talk amongst ourselves.

Look around for prizes and ideas, gift cards are good.  Craftsmanship has traditionally been a $25 gift certificate for 1st place.  Idea for glasses for prizes.

Book – want to do unusual stuff, creative papers, images, graphic-designy stuff.  2-5 pics, then a blurb explaining what it is, how you fixed it, and who you are.  Get pics and stuff to John soonish.