GSC Meeting Minutes – May 29th, 2014

Anime Oasis Costume Repair Recap – really needed signups and schedules.  People didn’t show up for the booth to help.  (a very small few did, but not very many).  In the future, repair station workers could earn a con badge for working X number of hours.  Repair booth serviced at least 200 people at AO this year, at least 10% of the con.  We need another glue gun, and a dedicated con repair person in charge.  Need labels for our things saying “brought to you by the Gem State Costumers” or something similar.  Also need a seam ripper.

Fandemonium – Tangl signed up for pre and post-judging panels.

Costume Contest – will need 11-12 people total, not including judges (could use room to swap 2 people).  People competing can help up to 2 hours before their appointment, then they MUST walk away.  Fand people say that ICG members can’t compete, period.  All past instances have been called rigged.  So, people helping with the contest cannot compete.  We might want to find more/a few judges who aren’t ICG members.

Small-town mentality hurts the con scene.  The Idaho con scene is tiny and everybody knows everybody.

After-judging needs to accomoate lots of questions, meet the judges and find out why they did and said what they did.  Need at least two people to be secretaries to the judges while judging, writing down all they say.  Need the ability to text/write/shorthand extremely quickly.  Filming/recording of the judges at the contest is encouraged.

Rules – limit 50 entries.  Exhibition-only are added.  ICG members can be exhibition only.  Exhibition slots are 25-30 max.

Walkthrough is probably about 2 hours.  10-15 minute slots, sign up at a different table.  Big excel sheet for signups?  4 hours Friday, 2 hours Saturday, then regular judging on Saturday.  Will allow 30 beginner, 20 intermediate, and 10 masters.  Secretaries keep track of the paperwork the contestants bring.  Bathroom breaks are already blacked out and taken (last 10 minutes of every hour is potty break)

Kids 5-12 are unable to compete in an ICG level.  Contestants are allowed to bring in costumes on a model.  Need to note that a model is being used on the signup sheet.  Child can model a costume, but they must be at least five years old.

Over 75% of the judges need to be ICG members in order for it to be an ICG event.

GSC Meeting Minutes – May 15th, 2014

Tangl introduced Sam – new to the costuming community but has been costuming for 10+ years.  She won Best in Show at Dragon*Con with her Queen of Hearts + man-eating roses dress.  Has also competed at Comic Con.

Fandemonium – contestants need to sign up in advance to get a 15 minute slot.  Cap at 50 people.  (Jen needs to make the sign-up form)  Need to be able to embed it into a website.  Preferably hosted on our site, then linked over.

Kira Parker is now the President, Sarah Talbert is now the Vice-President, motioned and seconded.

John filed paperwork and now we have an Ein.  VP and Treasurer can go to the bank and set up the account.

Talked about an idea of having a 1-year anniversary ball in the winter time.  Positive responses, but no firm plans yet.