GSC Meeting Minutes – June 12th, 2014

The GSC met to finalize volunteers to help with the Fandemonium Costume Contest, and talk about the different roles and how things will run.

Pre-Judging will be Friday 1-3 and Saturday noon-4pm. The Costume Contest will be 5:30-8pm.  Volunteers are as follows:

Costume Judging Appointments:

Judges x3: Tangl, Jenphi, Kitty

Secretaries x2: Tamara, Daniel

Door Guard: N7

Timer: Lee


Costume Contest:

Judges x3: Tangl, Jenphi, Kitty

Master of Ceremonies (MC): Daniel

Door Guard x2:  N7, Dallas

Usher x3: Tamara, Chante, Anya, AC

Staging Area Crowd Control: Lee


We will need to acquire a timer device of some sort.  Perhaps just borrow someone’s phone.

Building a Castle

Hello everyone!

The Gem State Costumers have been moving along these past few months and gotten a lot done. There’s also a lot of work left to be done, but that won’t stop us. We’ve officially been set up as an official International Costumer’s Guild chapter, solidified officers, set up an organization account, and are currently prepping to run the costume contest at this year’s Fandemonium.

In addition to setting up the chapter, we’ve been busy in the community as well.  We set up a Repair Booth at Anime Oasis in May, helping over 200 con-goers fix their costume emergencies.  Several of our members taught classes at the annual Cosplay College, ranging from corsetry to spandex.  We pitched in to help the local Steampunk group run a Prop-Building Contest, which resulted in some awesome creations.

The rest of this year should be full of fun events and new discoveries!

GSC Meeting Minutes – June 5th, 2014

The official vote was taken to nominate and sustain Kira Parker as the new Gem State Costumers President, with Sarah Talbert as Vice-President.

Eric Smart came and talked to us about the plaques for the Fandemonium Costume Contest. The GSC logo may be added to the plaque by printing into the large stickers adhered to the front. Plaques are made of MDF, cost $3.50 each. Cost for all the plaques is $32, and the full amount is needed by June 19th. Tangl paid $3.50 for her plaque.

Fandemonium panel and event submissions need to be submitted by June 20th.

The Fandemonium Costume Contest is both the Craftsmanship Competition and Costume Contest of last year rolled into one. Pre-judging is for EVERYONE, if they don’t attend, they are Exhibition-class only, and may not compete for an award. Contestants MUST make it to the pre-judging if they wish to compete. The sign-up form must have a sign-up time and fields to accommodate uploading reference pictures. Contestants must have reference pictures printed out and brought to pre-judging with them.
Jeff is the Costume Coordinator for Fand, Joe is his supervisor.

Jen is making the web forms for costume contest signups and for GSC member registrations.

The Fandemonium Pre-Judging will run from 1-3pm on Friday, and 12-4pm on Saturday. Rehearsals for the Costume Contest are 5:30-6:30pm, and the Contest proper is from 6:30-8pm.
Fandemonium has graciously offered to provide three-day badges to all the GSC volunteers if the Costume Contest event is 100% staffed by GSC members. Two-Day badges will be provided to GSC volunteers if only 75% of the even is staffed. Badges will not be given if less than 75% of the event is staffed by GSC members.

Positions are as follows:
For the costume judging appointments: Judges x3, Secretaries x2, Door Guard, and Timer.
For the costume contest: Judges x3, Master of Ceremonies (MC), Door Guard x2, Usher x3, Staging Area Crowd Control.
We have the three judges. People can sign up for one position per event, for example if someone wants to be a secretary for the judging appointments, they could also be an usher for the costume contest itself.

Fandemonium Repair Station – members may donate to the station, but be sure to put stickers on all the items donated/lent to identify them and brand them as from the GSC. The station needs copious amounts of hot glue and safety pins.
The GSC can sponsor a station and provide materials for it, and also keep watch on it. The other stations will not be manned. Supplies are cheaply obtained from the dollar store.

The bank account needs Sarah and Jen added.