GSC Meeting Minutes – July 10th, 2014

Tree City Comic Con – we are not doing it. Bad communication, and two weeks of missed meetings. Janette, the contact, has now been removed from Comic Con and we should talk to the owners. As of right now, GSC will not be involved with TCCC.

Two panels at Fandemonium – costume support group, and hopefully a cosplay is not consent group.

Anya isn’t able to be Treasurer, need to find someone to take her place. Kira will deposit money into the account and get the routing numbers and account info so we can connect to PayPal.

We have talked with the Grove to do a run-through of the contest. Sounds like we can do a run-through next week on the 17th, meet at the Grove.

Kira suggested that the GSC do more things/events in the community. Tangl says we need short, medium, and long term goals. Short term is running the Costume Repair Group. Maybe long term is putting together a costume for Costume Con. Start thinking about what we want for other goals.

Costume repair needs a schedule.

Idea: have a Costume Repository – reviews of patterns (commercial), and scans of custom patterns.

Can host a gathering to teach group members about costume repairs. Week before is costume repair training. (24th)

31st – Meet at the Grove to help setup things.