GSC Meeting Minutes – Aug 21st, 2014

The results of the Treasurer voting are in!
Steven Wood is the new Treasurer and Dallas Dewey is the new Deputy Treasurer.
Lindsey Sturkie is now the new Sergent-in-Arms.

Kira will post on Facebook about panel ideas for Tomodachi Fest. She will collect ideas and then submit it to Tomodachi Fest’s Chairman.

Tangl will check with the Tomodachi Fest Chair about a GSC discount for attending Tomodachi Fest on October 3rd-5th.

GSC Meeting Minutes – Aug 8th, 2014

Fandemonium was a great success!
Costume Contest Review:
-Fans loved the 3 categories
-Contestants don’t have to wear their costume in front if the judges (I love this)
-Contest show was executed well

Suggested Improvements:
-have GSC member manning sign ups to answer questions
-make a pamphlet with comics explaining the contest rules.
-have PR video for rules at opening ceremonies
-have prereg for cons time contest available online before con.
-change categories rules from % to hours. We make if very clear that research, shopping, drafting, construction hours are included in this.

-2 days for judging
-no exhibition awards
-Judges Form need a place to make a note if the judges dropped a contestant in class.
-Able to have 1 entry in class and a second one in exhibition
-have more copies of the rules for the contest EVERYWHERE!

Repair Room responses:
-It was a good teaching opportunity
-Liked having a suite for all the room for the repair room.
-Need to put our ad for our website out at info table and not keep them in a drawer

For Tomodachi Fest:
Tangl is liaison with James (the Tomodachi Fest Chairman) about getting some kind if discount for GSC people to work the repair room so staff won’t have to. He is bringing it up with the board. Also as to whether GSC members that have already pre-reg if they could get a discount whether it be $10 to total price.

Other Business:
Nominations for treasure are Steve Wood, nominated by tangl and seconded by Liz and Dallas. Dallas Dewey was nominated for Deputy treasurer nominated by Sarah and seconded by Kitty. Yuki aka Lindsey Sturkie, was nominated as the new Sergent-in-Arms. Tamara nominated to be in charge of creating and production the advertising packages (pamphlets, badges, posters etc)

Sarah is to create the repair room schedule a week in advance. Went over gsc goals for the community: -videos on what a novice is, journeyman, master etc. -get tutorials together Wanting to create a mascot for gsc and have the drawings submitted by August 30th so we can pick a mascot by sept 1. We will have the submissions submitted to the gsc Facebook site.