GSC Meeting Minutes – Sept 11th, 2014

We need a squeaky gavel to bring everyone to order.
We were invited to TCCC, but will discuss that in a moment.

About Tomodachi Fest: Their board said they would discuss things at their next meeting. They want us to do a repair table (minor repairs) only for the 1 hour before the costume contest. We said that was not an effective use of time or energy. Discussions of doing a regular repair continued, but nothing decided on.
We are not involved in the costume contest. The GSC is not an official partner with Tomo this year. Kira and Tangl will have tables there, and we can have GSC presence at those tables. A banner was discussed, Tangl is looking into options. The banner could be printed on paper, 4′ wide at Staples.
Tomodachi Fest is doing cash prizes this year, but still not official presence from the GSC.

About Tree City Comic Con: (After the inital ten minute discussion on Disney…) They upped the judging time from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Judging will be from 1-8 on Friday, 1-4 on Saturday, and the costume contest starts at 6pm Saturday. Awards will be presented at the end of the costume contest. They want a celebrity MC, but we have been asked to run the costume contest. TCCC wants online signups. Kevin (from TCCC) is doing PR. Ginger is everything else, with people under her. All we are doing is the costume contest and a regular repair booth. We need to be the best darn costume contest ever. We need to be attributed in the con book and onstage. We have GSC on our badges, so that helps.
John Rhys-Davies is actually coming to TCCC, flying in from Sweden. They are modeling their con after SLCCC.
Tangl talked to them about comic artists, sexual harassment, and models in cheap Halloween costumes (booth babes). Talked to them about needing to talk to local costumers and organizations. TCCC group is very inexperienced with running cons.
TCCC is very excited for GSC to magic-do the costume contest.
Regarding TCCC’s previous actions: they weren’t being malicious or exclusive, just ignorant. We are going to work with them to see if we can iron out some kinks. We can try to change everybody’s opinion on TreeCity as a group, but it’s not a good idea. Individual endorsements are okay. There is still a chance for the con to turn out badly, but we’re determined to do our part as excellently as possible.