GSC Meeting Minutes – Oct 22nd, 2014

Review of TCCC – judging and numbering and logistics. Need more people tallying, and costume numbering. Great catering. Need a timer and a way to wrangle in excitement, need a two minute warning. Need audible warning (2 min) and one at the end.

Formal Winter Ball – Sapphire Room on the 17th is preferred. Time: 5pm -1am, total. Dance: 7pm-midnight. Room to sit, cool lighting, etc. Entrance is $5 per person, sign in at the door. Need a theme, possibly winterish.
Prizes – tons of ideas that aren’t money or plaques. Masks, sashes, leather roses, etc. Need to pick categories. Have a gala, make masks optional.
Jen can put the room reservation on her cc. Give email of ICG treasurer to N7 to submit fees to national.
Paper, pens, bags, group judging. Each person can only win 1 award.
Paper registration. Virgin bar. 13+ attendees, formal ball.
Costumes or formal attire required (if you can wear it to prom, you can wear it here). Mp3 player for music.
Jen & Kira on music list, nice ballroom stuff, actual dance music from 13th and 14th centuries, mix in a few oldies.
Decorations – little centerpieces, hit dollar store for winter theme.

Decided on Gemstone Ball.

Prize Categories: best mask, best prop, best costume m/f, best couples costume (non-gender-specific), funniest, cutest, most heroic, scariest, most original.