GSC General Meeting Minutes – Mar 5th, 2015

Dallas is our new President, and is contacting chairs asap for conventions and classes.

Jen is finishing up the rules, regulations, and code of conduct so we can post online.
-also incident reports will be available online from Gem State website.
-incident reports are kept by the President.

-N7 will get our contact info updated with the ICG, including address changes.

Gemstone Ball: positive reviews => definitely need more slow music, though.
-Sarah is to get with Tamara to see about booking the Sapphire Room for the next 5 years (hopefully)
-Also create awards for GSC members to issue during the ball.
-Awards to be based off the efforts a member has put forth.
-Awards based off gem stones

Classes: Sarah will create a letterhead to give to venues to explain what we want to do. Email it to Dallas so he can follow up with Joanns to check costs to rent rooms.
-Jen is willing to host the first class, Intro to Sewing with a sewing machine.

Events in May 2015: Sarah will get in contact with Kira to see if she still needs judges for the shindig on May 9th.
-Tangl and Kitty will see if they can confirm if GSC will have a repair room at Anime Oasis, aka poke Jeremy.
-If confirmed, Lindsey will post an announcement that we need volunteers for the Repair Room at AO.
-Also Kitty will let people know if she needs judges for the costume contest.

Events in June 2015: -Possible renewal of membership dues
-Possible Hawaiian dance party, looking at June 13th.
-Lindsey will check with her church to see if they’ll let us use their locations as a venue.
-Decorations, food, music, dance floor, flyers, registration
-Might hold off until next year
-Will be non-smoking and alcohol-free.
-Dallas will touch base with Borneo about Cosplay College. See if he needs help or whether we can participate, need dates.

Events in August 2015: -Dallas to contact Borneo as to whether they want us to run the costume contest, repair room, panels.
-Lindsey will make a post about carpooling to World Con. Also see who can room together.
-World Con is Aug 19th-23rd, Masquerade is on Aug 22nd, located in Spokane, Washington.

Events in October 2015: Dallas to get in contact with James with Tomodachi Fest to see if he wants us to run the costume contest and a repair booth.
-Pitch idea of having the repair booth on the landing outside of the Dealer’s Room. Can stash supplies in the dealer’s room when booth is closed.

Events in November/Jan/Feb: Tree City maybe coming back this year, however it is uncertain.
-Yuki to get in touch with Ginger to start communication that we are on board (contest, repair booth).

Awards: Sarah look into quotes for awards to give out at contests.
-trophies, certificates, free badges
-check online prices as well as Eric Smart
-touch base with Dallas as to what con would like us to present as awards
-possible free 3 day badge for next year’s con

Budget: N7 will try to create a budget for the year
-factor in Gemstone Ball costs
-class costs
-supplies for Repair Booth, if not donated
-budget for awards (we need more info before awards can really happen)
-will also keep a ledger on what costs we do have