Code of Conduct

The Gem State Costumers (GSC) are an affiliated chapter of the International Costumers’ Guild (ICG), a 501(c)(3) non­profit organization devoted to bringing professional and amateur costumers together in the interest of developing a culture of social and educational advancement of their art.
Members must a) be interested in the art of costuming, from concept, to creation, to display, and/or all stages in between; and b) be a member in good standing, having paid dues yearly as set by both the International organization, and those set by the local chapter; and c) follow all rules and regulations for members as set forth by this document, and by the standing rules of the corporation of the International Costumers’ Guild (ICG), Inc., which may be found at ICG Standing Rules.


Membership approval is contingent on the unanimous approval of the board of officers for the Gem State Costumers.

Active members are defined by one who has paid their yearly dues and are in good standing.
Active members can:

  • Help run events
  • Appear as guests at events where the GSC is a guest
  • Get into workshops at a discounted price
  • Take part voting in polls
  • Have access to GSC exclusive facebook page

GSC members are expected to use common sense and respect while representing the GSC (i.e. wearing a GSC badge or arm band). GSC members are expected to treat each other, our event sponsors, and the public with respect. When a member displays behavior unbecoming of a member an incident report is filed. Examples of inappropriate behavior that may result in disciplinary action include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Harassment of fellow members
  • Abuse or violation of message board privileges
  • Inappropriate behavior during events or class/workshop
  • Inappropriate contact with an event host, sponsor or the public
  • Misrepresentation of the guild.

Incident reports

Incident reports are used as a written record of violations of the GSC. Each incident report is reviewed by the officers of the board and kept on file. Anyone can file an incident report against a GSC member. When an incident report has been filed, it will be kept on record by the president; officers of the Board will investigate each report. An incident report can be emailed to the president, or a written copy given to any GSC officer. See profile tab for the current officers of the group. Blank incident reports are available online on the GSC website.

Disputes will occur between members. Any conflicts that may occur need to be resolve swiftly. An incident report can also be used as means to request a private meeting with a mediator. If the conflicting parties need a mediator for a private meeting, an officer of the group will fulfill that role. However all persons included in the disagreement must agree to actively participate in reaching a resolution to the incident. If a resolution cannot be reached, it will be up to the officer to decide what is the best out come.

Dispensary Actions

Dispensary hearings are held when the officers of the board deem an incident that cannot be resolved with warnings, or when there have been 3 or more incident reports filed against a member.

The officers will investigator all sides of the story and a poll will be held within 2 days of the hearing. The polls will closed after 5 days and the verdicts presented to the member(s) the incident report is against and only them. This is done privately between an officer of the board and the offender.

Dispensary actions can include:

  • Exonerated
  • 3­month suspension
  • 6­month suspension
  • 1­year suspension
  • 2­year suspension
  • Dismissal

Any member may appeal disciplinary actions to the officers of the board within 2 weeks time.