GSC Meeting Minutes – March 20th, 2016

Today’s meeting:
-An annual meeting is necessary so the Gemstone Ball will be the regular annual meeting. At the meeting, we will give out recognition, ratifying any outstanding voting items, and announce the next year’s Board of Directors. Any other items that require membership votes need to be brought up as business at least 2 months before the Ball to give the membership time to review.
-Temporary officers:
Due to the inactivity of the group and the need for official state and federal documents to be filed, all officers have been removed. Temporary officers have been put in place to file all documents. Officer nominations are now open until May 1.
Temporary officers are: President- Dallas Dewey
Vice President- Vice Diaz
Treasurer- John Farmer
Secretary- Kira Parker
– Gemstone Ball:
Date: TBD based upon where we can actually get to host it.
Site: Recommendations are needed.
Powerhouse Events Center
Odd Fellows Hall
Cost: $5 for members, $8 for non-members depending upon price of venue.
Dress code has been requested.
Theme is Ruby.
The Garnets and Star Garnet Awards:
Recognition trophies for the Garnet Awards are going to be passed along each year to new recipients. The Garnets are the Sapphire Garnet for Achievement in Master Costuming, Ruby Garnet for Journeyman, and Crystal Garnet for Novice.
-These are like the Oscars, nominated and voted upon by the GSC membership.
-Requirements for Novice, Journeyman, and Master will be a merit system. You do the work, check off the requirements, and advance to the next rank. How to earn the rank will be provided on the GSC website and Facebook page.
-2 months before the Gemstone Ball, nominations will open for the Garnet Awards to be given annually. The Garnets are a traveling award and will be returned to the Gemstone Ball each year. The achievement is for excellence in costuming for the year. Holding this award for a year grants you membership into the Order of that Garnet and you will recieve a permanent award and certificate for RETURNING THE AWARD.
-When nominating someone for the Garnet Awards, please provide a write up of why you think this person deserves the recognition. If possible, include links to their work online.
-Only members who have achieved the rank are eligible for the Garnet Award for that rank.
-Voting on the Garnet awards will happen the month before the Ball. The nominees will be made public for voting and the winners will be announced at the Gemstone Ball.
-Lifetime Achievement Award is the Star Garnet Award for Excellence in Costume Community. This is provided not just to costumers, but to people who support the community, encouraging costuming throughout the year. These people do NOT need to be members of the GSC.
Advancing in Rank:
-The merit system allows an inclusive method for advancement. No one has to decide whether you do the work. You document the work and it is accepted.
-You can achieve a rank in one skill set and never have to stray from that skillset. For example, you can become a Master armorer without ever learning how to sew.
-Ranks build upon each other. So what you do at Novice is considered part of Journeyman. For example, to achieve Novice rank in Armor Making, you have to make a piece of Armor. For Journeyman, you have to make 3 pieces. For Master, 10.
The Bank Account will be reactivated on Monday.