Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the GSC meetings so far!  Want to know what goes on in the meetings?  Choose one of the dates and find out.  Our talented Secretary has dutifully transcribed everything discussed and is slowly putting things up online.  See what’s going on!

GSC Meeting Minutes – March 10th, 2016

The interested members of the Gem State Costumers met about the future of the group. Bylaws were brought to the forefront, they need to be finalized and published. Code of Conduct needs to be finalized. Activities for the GSC need […]

GSC Meeting Minutes – Jul 15th, 2015

We’re gearing up for Fandemonium! The Gem State Costumers had a general meeting to discuss the costume contest specific and finalize volunteer roles. It’s not too late to volunteer for Fandemonium! Contact one of our officers or message our Facebook […]

GSC General Meeting Minutes – Mar 5th, 2015

Dallas is our new President, and is contacting chairs asap for conventions and classes. Jen is finishing up the rules, regulations, and code of conduct so we can post online. -also incident reports will be available online from Gem State […]

GSC Meeting Minutes – Feb 5th, 2015

Dallas will be the new President. Still want to do Luau. Volleyball nets and stuffs. Don’t know how to charge for an event in an open park. Need more ideas for locations if Riverside is available. Sarah is talking to […]

GSC Meeting Minutes – Nov 3rd, 2014

Gemstone Ball discussion: Need to be able to pre-register for the dance. Kira said Jamie is good with pre-reg systems. We need to make a flyer to post around town, Crazy Neighbor said they’d like a poster. Kira will talk […]

GSC Meeting Minutes – Oct 22nd, 2014

Review of TCCC – judging and numbering and logistics. Need more people tallying, and costume numbering. Great catering. Need a timer and a way to wrangle in excitement, need a two minute warning. Need audible warning (2 min) and one […]

GSC Meeting Minutes – Sept 11th, 2014

We need a squeaky gavel to bring everyone to order. We were invited to TCCC, but will discuss that in a moment. About Tomodachi Fest: Their board said they would discuss things at their next meeting. They want us to […]

GSC Meeting Minutes – Aug 21st, 2014

The results of the Treasurer voting are in! Steven Wood is the new Treasurer and Dallas Dewey is the new Deputy Treasurer. Lindsey Sturkie is now the new Sergent-in-Arms. Kira will post on Facebook about panel ideas for Tomodachi Fest. […]

GSC Meeting Minutes – Aug 8th, 2014

Fandemonium was a great success! Costume Contest Review: Pros: -Fans loved the 3 categories -Contestants don’t have to wear their costume in front if the judges (I love this) -Contest show was executed well – Suggested Improvements: -have GSC member […]

GSC Meeting Minutes – June 12th, 2014

The GSC met to finalize volunteers to help with the Fandemonium Costume Contest, and talk about the different roles and how things will run. Pre-Judging will be Friday 1-3 and Saturday noon-4pm. The Costume Contest will be 5:30-8pm.  Volunteers are […]

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