Officer Profiles

Meet the officers of the Gem State Costumers


Dallas Lawrence

Dallas got into costuming five years ago when he first attended a local convention and has been in love with it since. Dallas approaches each costume as a challenge to constantly better himself and his abilities as a costumer. He also likes to expand his knowledge, and learn as many new skills. Right now that includes; basic sewing, chainmail, resin casting, LEDs and wiring, working with fast machè, working with worbla, and prop building.



Vice Diaz



Kira Parker

Kira has worked tirelessly in the fan community for many years, the bulk of it in running and organizing Fandemonium. Her impeccable skills and attention to detail made her the ideal choice for GSC Secretary.



John Farmer






Jen West

Jen has had an obsession with Halloween and dressing up since she was very small. As a tall woman, her mother resorted to making her own clothes. When her daughter inherited her height, she also needed to have the seamstress skill. Jen then took the knowledge and ran off in weird directions with it. Her first movie costume was Batman Returns-era Catwoman in 1994, and her first anime costume was Sailor Moon in 1999. She started attending cons in 2001 and has since competed in costume competitions all over the United States and taken many awards, including a few Best in Show. She makes the vast majority of her own props and accessories. She has done professional cosplay work since 2003. She regularly gives costuming panels and instructional lectures locally, and has begun judging a range of costume contests.


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